UW Softball 20th Anniversary Digital Scrapbook


I was tasked to create a website that showcases the years of the University of Washington Softball program to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the program. I met with the Director of Operations to get the requirements for the project and had about 3 months work on it to have the website launched by the time softball season started.

It was up around March 5th, 2013. The website was taken down when the new redesign/restructure of GoHuskies.com came out on July 8th, 2013.


Besides celebrating the 20th anniversary of the softball program, the Director wanted this to be very image heavy, much like the UW Men's Basketball team campaign "And Counting." She also wanted the website to be a good tool for recruiting; to show off the team and the atomsphere of Seattle.

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The Director really wanted to have the project be the same as the Men's Basketball "And Counting" tumblr. However, I knew that the two projects cannot be the same as the softball website would showcase the years and not individual wins in the program.

I liked the idea of a parallax scrolling project, and found that some sites that had it were great at storytelling, which was exactly what I was looking to do.


The site has parallax scrolling. I was given plenty of photos to choose from, so most of the ones that are one the website was chosen by me. Some years had more photos than others, so I consolidated most of the early years on the left navigation. It was also to help fit within smaller monitors.

UW Softball 20th Anniversary Digital Scrapbook